UC3M Applied Reading Group

I am currently organizing the Applied Economics Reading group at UC3M. We meet Fridays 12.00-13.00h in aula 14.0.08, unless noted to the contrary in the calendar below. All PhD students and faculty interested in topics in Applied Economics are welcome.

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Guidelines on the group’s format: UC3M ReadingGroup in Applied Economics. Tips for presenters:

List of presenters:

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

Reading Lists: 23 Sep21 Oct, … , 9 Dec

Spring 2016

  • 27 Jan: Sebastian Panthöfer presents “Medicaid and Intergenerational Economic Mobility“, by Rourke O’Brien and Cassandra Robertson. Paper.
  • 3 Feb: Georges Siotis presents own research on .
  • 10 Feb: Ursula Mattioli presents “Rescuing Low-Income High Ability Students: University Access, Mismatch and Validity“, by Sebastián Gallegos. Paper.
  • 17 Feb: Federico Masera presents “History, Path Dependence and Development: Evidence from Colonial Railroads, Settlers and Cities in Kenya“, by Remi Jedwab, Edward Kerby, and Alexander Moradi. Paper.
  • 24 Feb: Ismael Galvez Iniesta presents “The Fiscal Effects of Immigration to the UK“, by Dustmann and Frattini. Paper.
  • 2 March: no meeting
  • 10 March (Thursday): Hasin Yousaf presents “The Determinants and Welfare Implications of US Workers’ Diverging Location Choices by Skill: 1980-2000“, by Rebecca Diamond. Paper
  • 16 March: Felix Wellschmied presents own research on “Labour income profiles are not heterogeneous: evidence from German administrative data
  • 30 March: Sebastian Gallegos presents own research on “Using Behavioral Insights to Increase Parental Engagement: The Parents and Children Together (PACT) Intervention
  • 6 April: Federico Masera presents own research on “War Comes Home: The Effects on Crime of the Militarization of the US Police”
  • 13 April: no meeting
  • 20 April: Ismael Galvez Iniesta presents “The Labor Market Effects of Immigration and Emigration in OECD Countries“. Paper.
  • 28 April (Thursday): Michelangelo Rossi presents “Residential Location, Work Location, and Labor Market Outcomes of Immigrants in Israel, by Buchinsky, Gotlibovski and Lifshitz. Paper.
  • May 4: no meeting
  • May 11: Ursula Mattioli presents “Does affirmative action enhance or undercut investment incentives? Evidence from quotas in Brazilian public universities“, by Assuncao and Ferman. Paper.
  • May 19 (Thursday): tba

Reading Lists: 27 Jan3 Feb10 Feb30 March

Fall 2015

We meet Wednesdays 12.00-13.00h in aula 4.1.5, unless noted to the contrary in the calendar above. All PhD students and faculty interested in topics in Applied Economics are welcome. List of presenters:

  • 16 Sep: Federico Curci presents ”Cities in Bad Shape: Urban Geometry in India”, by Mariaflavia Harari. Paper. Slides.
  • 23 Sep: Federico Masera presents “State Capacity and Economic Development: A Network Approach“, by Acemoglu, García-Jimeno, and Robinson. Paper.
  • 30 Sep: Sebastian Panthöfer presents “The Value of Medicaid: Interpreting Results form the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment“, by Finkelstein, Hendren and Luttmer. Paper.
  • 14 Oct: Hasin Yousaf presents “Radio and the Rise of the Nazis in Prewar Germany“, by Adena, Enikolopov, Petrova, Santarosa and Zhuravskaya. Paper.
  • 21 Oct: Ursula Matteo presents “Household Response to Income Changes: Evidence from an Unconditional Cash Transfer Program in Kenya“, by Johannes Haushofer and Jeremy Shapiro. Paper. Tomás Martinez presents “Instruments, Randomization, and Learning about Development“, by Angust Deaton. Paper.
  • 28 Oct: Federico Masera presents “Panic on the Streets of London: Police, Crime, and the July 2005 Terror Attacks“, by Mirko Draca, Stephen Machin and Robert Witt. Paper.
  • 11 Nov: Lucía Gorjón presents “The Impact of Family Friendly Policies in Spain and Their Use Over the Business Cycle“, by Sara De La Rica and Lucía Gorjón.
  • 18 Nov: Federico Curci and Ismael Galvez Iniesta present “Sufficient Statistics for Welfare Analysis: A Bridge Between Structural and Reduced-Form Methods” and “A general formula for the optimal level of social insurance“, by Raj Chetty. Paper 1, Paper 2.
  • 26 Nov: Luigi Minale presents tba
  • 2 Dec: Iliana Reggio presents tba
  • 9 Dec: Ricardo Mora presents tba
  • 16 Dec: Julio Caceres Delpiano presents tba

Reading Lists: 23-Sep, 30-Sep, 14-Oct

Spring 2015

We meet Wednesdays 12.15-13.00h in aula 15.1.43, unless noted to the contrary in the calendar above. All PhD students and faculty interested in topics in Applied Economics are welcome. List of presenters:

  • 28. Jan: Cristina Caballero presents ”How daughters affect their legislator fathers’ Voting on Women’s Issues”, by Ebonya Washington. Paper, slides.
  • 11. Feb: Javier Sánchez-Álvarez presents “Institutions Do Not Rule: Reassessing the Driving Forces of Economic Development”, by Yi Wen and Jingfeng Luo. Paperslides.
  • 18. Feb: Cluster Clinic I: Hasin Yousaf presents chapters I-IV of “A Practitioner’s Guide to Cluster-Robust Inference”, by Cameron and Miller. Paper, slides.
  • 25. Feb: Jaime Millan on working with geodata in Stata (geocoding, travel time, maps, etc)
  • 4. March: Cluster Clinic II: Federico Curci presents chapters V-… of “A Practitioner’s Guide to Cluster-Robust Inference”, by Cameron and Miller. Paperslides.
  • 12 March (Thursday): Federico Masera presents “The Gender Wage Gap and Domestic Violence”, by Anna Aizer. Paper.
  • 18 March: Ursula Mattioli presents “Is the United States Still a Land of Opportunity? Recent Trends in Intergenerational Mobility”, by Chetty, Hendren, Kline, Saez and Turner. Paper.
  • 25 March: Sebastian Panthöfer presents “Heterogeneous Peer Effects and Rank Concerns: Theory and Evidence”, by Michela Tincani. Paper.
  • 15 April: Federico Curci present “The China Syndrome: Local Labor Market Effects of Import Competition in the United States”, by Autor and Dorn, 2013, AER. Paperslides.
  • 22 April (11.15h in aula 15.0.05): Gabriel Smagghue presents “Trade Theory with Numbers: Quantifying the Consequences of Globalization”, by Costinot and Rodríguez-Clare. Paper.
  • 28 April (11.20h in aula 15.1.41): Federico Masera presents “The Informational Content of Surnames, the Evolution of Intergenerational Mobility, and Assortative Mating”, by Güell, Rodríguez Mora, and Telmer. Paper.
  • 6 May: Sophie Thiébaut presents early-stage research.
  • 12 May (Tuesday): Pedro Sant’Anna and Andres Garcia present early-stage research.

Reading Lists: 28-Jan-2015 , 11-Feb-201518-Feb-2015.

Fall 2014

We meet Tuesdays 12.15-13.00h in aula 14.0.8., unless noted to the contrary in the calendar above. All PhD students and faculty interested in topics in Applied Economics are welcome. List of presenters:

  • 23. Sep: Federico Masera presents “Trafficking Networks and the Mexican Drug War“, by Melissa Dell. Link to paper, slides. Link to the paper by Blundell and Costa Dias on the interpretation of RD design estimates that I mentioned.
  • 30. Sep: Federico Curci presents “Is terrorism eroding agglomeration economies in Central Business Districts? Lessons from the office real estate market in downtown Chicago“, by Alberto Abadie and Sofia Dermisi. Link to paper, slides.
  • 7 Oct: Hasin Yousaf presents “The Social Effects of Ethnic Diversity at the Local Level: A Natural Experiment with Exogenous Residential Allocation“, by Yann Algan, Camille Hémet, and David Laitin. Link to paperSlides. Papers (1 and 2) mentioned by Federico, on the functional form of the relationship between diversity and outcomes. The paper by Angrist on the “Perils of Peer Effects”, mentioned by Matilde.
  • 14 Oct: early-stage research, Julio Cáceres Delpiano, “The Impact of age of entry on academic progression
  • 21 Oct: early-stage research, Bruno Merlevede, “Foreign firms and productivity spillovers“. Slides.
  • 28 Oct: Federico Curci presents “Do Extended Unemployment Benefits Lengthen Unemployment Spells? Evidence from Recent Cycles in the U.S. Labor Market.Link to paper. Slides.
  • 5 Nov: Andrés García presents “The Effects of Reducing the Entitlement Period to Unemployment Insurance Benefits”, by de Groot and van der Klaauw. Link to paper.
  • 11 Nov: No Meeting
  • 18 Nov: Federico Masera presents “Education and Crime over the Life Cycle“, by Giulio Fella and Giovanni Gallipoli. Paper.
  • 25 Nov: early-stage research, Pedro Gomes presents “Evaluating 3 decades of the European Capital of Culture programme” (with A. Cano). Slides.
  • 2 Dec: early-stage research, Matilde Machado, “Hide and seek: Asymmetric Information in the Chilean Private Health Insurance Market
  • 9 Dec: early-stage research, Federico Masera and Hasin Yousaf, “Evidence from Two Natural Disasters on the Determinants of Taliban Support
  • 16 Dec: Kai Strohmeyer presents “The Diffusion of Microfinance“, by Banerjee et al.

Reading Lists: 30-Sept-20147-Oct-201428-Oct-2014, 18-Nov-2014.